Licensed Engineering Offices

Below is the list of licensed Engineering offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain you may choose from. These offices will help you prepare all drawings and documents necessary to apply for a building permit.

Category Office Name Disciplines Tel Address License No Details
A Arif Sadiq Design Consultants Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17722211 P.O Box 11614 BN/19
A Intec Bahrain Arch, Civil 17822588 PO Box 15362 BN/62
A Alhandasah Center WLL Civil 17715554 PO Box 10970 BN/65
A City Engineering Bureau Arch, Civil 17255322 PO Box 33343 BN/70
A The Modern Architect Arch, Civil, BS 17591691 P.O Box 32431 BN/76
A Adel Ahmadi Associates Arch, Civil, BS 17225371 PO Box 20285 BN/79
A Bahrain Engineering Bureau Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17271718 PO Box 26119 BN/80
A ACE-Almoayed Consulting Engineers Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17223250 PO Box 844 BN/81
A Andalus Engineering Consultancy Arch, Civil 17530054 PO Box 24747 BN/84
A Mimar Architecture & Engineering Arch, Civil 17214045 PO Box 5875 BN/86
A Salah Al Kooheji Consultancy - Architects SPC Arch, Civil 17270072 PO Box 32553 BN/90
A H A J Quantity Surveying QS, PM 17821222 PO Box 10507 BN/91
A Akbari Architects Arch, Civil 17230881 PO Box 75840 BN/100
A Tashreeq Engineering Arch, Civil, Elect 17311808 PO Box 16361 BN/102
A Gulf House Engineering Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech, Landscape Architect, Urban Planning Engineering 17822666 PO Box 50900 BN/105
A Dheya Towfiqi Engineering Consultancy Bureau Arch, Civil 17822006 PO Box 15646 BN/110
A Habib Modara Arts & Architecture Arch 17822116 PO Box 1571 BN/111
A Yousif Daoud Alsayegh & Associates Arch, Civil 17590057 PO Box 5727 BN/118
A Design House Arch, Civil 17211460 PO Box 21085 BN/120
A Arab Architects Arch, Civil, BS 17243992 PO Box 75799 BN/122
A Middle East Architects SPC Arch, Civil 17292091 PO Box 21292 BN/124
A Al Mansoori Architecture Arch, Civil 17311142 PO Box 38678 BN/125
A Arabian Gulf Engineering Consultancy Arch, Civil 17530484 PO Box 37611 BN/130
A Phoenix Engineering Services Arch, Civil 17535115 PO Box 30664 BN/136
A Al Aali Engineering Consultants Arch, Civil 17704616 PO Box 70092 BN/143
A Kooheji Engineering Consutlancy Arch, Civil 17826668 Office# 122; Building# 18 (Taweel Building); Road# 4101; Block# 341; Juffair; P.O Box 26168 BN/112
A Urban Vision Arch, Civil, Urban Planning Engineering, Project Management 17212242 PO Box 11115 BN/144
A Architecture 360آ° Arch, Civil 17710978 Off 81 Floor 8, Bldg 172, B 319, R 1906, Hoora BN/153
A SJM Electromechanical Engineering Bureau Civil, Elect, Mech 17382264 PO Box 18236 BN/177
A Madaen Urban Planning & Civil Engineers Arch, Civil 17551401 Building# 796; Office# 11; Road# 833; Block# 408; Sanabis; P.O Box 32690 BN/155
A Arcadis Consulting Middle East Limited (Foreign Branch Company) Civil 17564755 PO Box 26073 FB/10
A ESB Engineering & Facility Management - Foreign Branch Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17708118 PO Box 5922 FB/36
A Baker Wilkins & Smith Ltd. QS 17721090 PO Box 5002 FB/37
A Lloyds Register EMEA Marine 17223368 PO Box 464 FB/42
A General Engineering & Management Consultants Elect, Mech 17741020 PO Box 5791 FB/44
A Dar Al Handasah Consultants Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17533582 PO Box 5491 FB/45
A Bureau Veritas Marine, Mech 17877574 PO Box 45 FB/67
A Mott Macdonald Ltd. Civil, Elect, Mech 17576400 PO Box 10471 FB/84
A Tebodin Middle East Ltd. Arch, Civil, Mech, Chem & Elect 17700544 PO Box 2822 FB/92
A JACOB GIBB LTD. Civil, Mech,Chem 17210445 PO Box 21327 FB/96
A W S Atkins & Partners Overseas Civil, Building services and Arch 17510400 PO Box 5668 FB/110
A Parson Global Services Ltd. Civil 17541001 PO Box 5790 FB/102
A Projacs International (B.S.C) PM, QS 17228066 PO Box 21674 FB/114
A Syrconsult Consulting Engineers Arch, Civil 17231366 Office#31,Building#5,Road#3001,Block#330,New Zinj,PO Box 11679 FB/115
A Millet International Architecture Engineering Arch, Civil, BS 17533016 PO Box 21684 FB/118
A D G Jones & Partners Middle East WLL QS, PM 17256826 2PO Box 6122 FB/122
A Hill International (Middle East) Ltd. QS, PM 17514428 PO Box 21034 FB/124
A ETEC Bahrain Arch, Civil, Mech, Elect 17227100 PO Box 1848 FB/128
A EMGA Foreign Branch Arch, Civil 17214262 PO Box 1183 FB/131
A TUV Middle East WLL Industrial Inspection (Mechanical Engineering) 17877391 PO Box 26674 FB/133
A N.E. Aristodemou Mechanical & Energy Engineering Consultants Ltd. Elect, Mech 17215654 PO Box 75582 FB/137
A P 2 M Berlin Middle East Civil 17820818 PO Box 21667 FB/141
A Aecom Middle East Ltd. Civil, Urban Planning, Elect & Electronics, Mech, Env, Landscape Architect, QS, PM 17556452 PO Box 640 FB/142
A Cowi Gulf A/S Marine , Civil 17216177 PO Box 5486 FB/143
A HCPY Arquitectos Asociados SL Arch 17180530/17180540 PO Box 11316 FB/151
A Unanime Architectes Gulf WLL Arch 17250822 PO Box 76102 FB/158
A Dar SSH International Engineering Consultants WLL Arch, Civil 17580758 PO Box 18699 FB/168
A ADP Ingenierie - Foreign Branch Arch, Civil 77393901 off 602, Manama Cent, Bld 114, B 316, R 383 FB/171
A EGIS International Civil 17280212 PO Box 2296 FB/178
A Benoy Ltd. Arch 17003747 Off 106, Bldg 551, Road 3612, Sea Front, Block 346 FB/180
A Saudi Designers Engineering Office Civil 17369500 -- 17293198 PO Box 21209 GC/11
A KEO International Consultants QS, Civil, Env, Transportation, Sanitary, PM 17565333 PO Box 21232 GC/16
A Saudi Consulting Services Civil , Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical 17293198 PO Box 76053 GC/17
A Pan Arab Consulting Engineers Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 13630033 PO Box 2215 GC/19
A MWH Khonji Civil, Elect, Mech, Env 17712542 PO Box 5150 JV/13
A Mohammed Salahuddin Consulting Engineering Bureau BSC Closed Arch, Civil, ID, BS, QS, PM 17216777/17815775 P.O Box 1166 BN/10
A Awal Engineering Consultancy Arch 17713774 PO Box 20746 BN/12
A Farry Kazerooni Arch, Civil 17554300 PO Box 1480 BN/13
A Al Zayani Engineering Arch, Civil, Land Surveying Engineering 17530053 P.O Box 477 BN/18
A LInesight PM 17746892 P.O Box 10963 FB/155
A Worley Parsons Services Pty Ltd. Foreign Branch Chem, PM 17711802 PO Box 75726 FB/156
A Byrne Looby Partners Limited Foreign Branch Civil, Marine 17344262 PO Box 18475 FB/166
A SNC-Lavalin Major Projects INC Elec 13100013 Bldg 398, Off 212, Road 2803, Al Seef, Block 428 FB/173
A DYNAXCEL Engineers Private Limited Mech 17456532 PO Box 26313 FB/176
A SILGA, S.L (FOREIGN COMPANY BRANCH) Civil (Restricted to Bridges) 35140782 P.O Box: 80180 FB/185
A Technica Y Proyectos Sa - A Foreign Brach Office Civil Office: 271, Bldg: 474, Road: 1010, Block: 410 - Sanabis FB/187
A Assael Architects International Ltd. Arch FB/188
A Arch Inc. Arch, Civil 17213800 P.O Box 21679 BN/127
A EURO GROUP FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY - FOREIGN COMPANY BRANCH Civil 36001544 Office 62, Bldg 485, Rd 1010, Blk 410, Seef District, Zero Tower FB/189
A IDOM Consulting Engineering Architecture SAU Foreign Branch Co. Civil (Transportation & Sanitary) Engineering 17675877 Office No.87, Zamil Tower, Bldg 31 FB/184
A Tilke and Partners W.L.L. Arch, Civil, BS 17540028 Office#2601; Building# 1459; Road# 4626; Block# 346 - Bahrain Bay;PO Box 11224 FB/103
A Consolidated Engineering Company SAL (Khatib & Alami) Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17213177 Office# 14; Building# 66 (Manama Centter); Road# 383; Block# 316; Manama; P.O Box 5083 FB/170
A Alteraz Design Architectural and Engineering Consultant Arch, Civil 17008921 4508 Khurais Road, Arawdah, Al Riyadh GC/24
A Energoprojekt-entel A.D.Beograd (Foreign Branch) Elect 17296449 Office#62; Building# 27 (Sheikh Rashid Center); Road 336; Block 315; Manama;P.O Box 21153 FB/174
A Ismail Khonji Associates Arch, Civil 17714463 PO Box 72 BN/27
A Ansari Engineering Services Arch, Civil, Elect, Land Surveying Engineering, ID 17534123 P.O Box 10122 BN/34
A Mazen Alumran Consulting Engineers Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17715555 PO Box 26062 BN/48
A Arabian East Bureau Arch, Civil, BS 17728535 P.O Box: 26545 BN/50
B Tameer Engineeing Arch, Civil 17292013 PO Box 75974 BN/178
B Plan Architecture + Design Arch 17590878 PO Box 654 BN/116
B Al Diyar Engineering Arch, Civil 17311309 F 21, B 424, R 1805, B 318, Hoora BN/117
B Values for Engineering Design Arch, Civil Off 12, Bldg 129, Road 306, Block 336, Adliay BN/210
B Amiri Engineering Consultancy Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17295009 P.O Box 5064, Manama BN/219
B Lewan Architects Arch, Civil 17769888 PO Box 38728 BN/121
B Samer Engineering WLL Civil 17006912 Office# 31; Building# G435 (Alrihab); Road# 1805; Block# 318; Al Hoora; P.O Box . 2734 BN/213
B Rawan Engineering Arch, Civil 17775598 PO Box 2121 BN/128
B AYMAN ALSAEED ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS Arch, Civil 17483131 Bldg 986G, Office 22, Rd 3221, Blk 332 BN/216
B Saad Abdulghani Engineering Arch, Civil 17291091 PO Box 21226 BN/134
B Quality Engineering Bureau Arch, Civil, Land Surveying Engineering 17404368 PO Box 33432 BN/135
B GB Electromechanical Engineering Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17275177 P.O Box 11614 BN/224
B Mashtan Engineering Designers S.P.C. Arch, Civil 17718586 PO Box 15504 BN/138
B Hameed Engineering Elect, Mech 17680504 PO Box 33403 BN/140
B Arsinals Engineering Design Arch, Civil 17712584 F 32, B 1877, R 2124, B 321 BN/141
B Emaar Engineering WLL Arch, Civil, BS 17711333 PO Box 75888 BN/97
B Abdulla Abdulghaffar Engineering Arch 17530474 PO Box 23765 BN/132
B Mass Engineering Arch Office# 24; Building# 1815 (EK); Road# Budaiya Highway; Block# 515; Sar BN/220
B Sombati Architects Arch 17693791 PO Box 30192 BN/145
B Ebdaa Engineering Arch, Civil, BS 17746742 PO Box 75490 BN/147
B Architect Specialist Center Arch, Civil 17250070 PO Box 15387 BN/148
B N J Engineering Arch, Civil 17685526 PO Box 80493 BN/149
B Smart Homes Engineering Arch, Civil 17583040 PO Box 30297 BN/150
B Mirai Architecture Engineering Arch, Civil, Land Surveying Engineering 17879114 PO Box 21056 BN/152
B District Engineering Land Surveying Engineering 17382211 PO Box 75954 BN/158
B Mohammed Al Gharib Architects Engineers Arch, Civil, Land Surveying Engineering 17535653 PO Box 20020 BN/159
B Manaf Hamza Engineering and Surveying SPC Land Surveying Engineering 17178612 PO Box 1900 BN/161
B Fajer Al Umarrah Engineering Services Centre Arch 17252966 PO Box 23404 BN/164
B Design Studio Arch, Civil 17820848 PO Box 26850 BN/167
B Al-Raed Architecture & Engineering Bureau Arch, Civil 17292731 House 584, Road 225, Block 202, Muharraq BN/21
B Daylami Engineering Arch, Civil 17714445 PO Box 5239 BN/29
B Dar Altakhteet Engineering Land Surveying Engineering 17292429 PO Box 11196 BN/180
B Almohandis Engineering Civil, Arch 77177468 PO Box 2675 BN/46
B Elevations Architects and Engineers Arch, Civil 17420060 PO Box 54160 BN/181
B Al-Omara Engineering Arch, Civil 17257200 PO Box 10206 BN/58
B Electra For Electrical Engineering Elect, Mech 17251888 Al Fanar Bldg. F 2, Bldg 11, Flat 11, R 11, B 711 BN/188
B Bu Saad Engineering Arch, Civil 17770097 PO Box 11220 BN/66
B Al Noor Architects Arch, Civil, BS 17272737 PO Box 20410 BN/72
B Riyadh Al Arrayed Engineering Arch, Civil 17272345 PO Box 10175 BN/73
B Al Hamdan Engineering Civil 34661061 Salahuddin Bldg, Off 54, Floor 5, Bldg 123, Road 402, Block 304, Manama GC/22
B Delta Engineering Land Surveying Engineering 17297516 PO Box 75397 BN/194
B Sanad Engineering Arch, Civil, BS 17296922 PO Box 22964 BN/85
B Ayman Yousif Engineering Arch, Civil 13107765 Flat 904, Road 3306, Bldg 1260, Block 324, Juffair BN/196
B Isa Al Hadi Engineering Arch, Civil 17879935 PO Box 11571 BN/88
B Mohd A Aziz Electro Mechanical Engineering Elect, Mech 17710276 PO Box 15656 BN/89
B United Engineering Arch, Civil 17717111 PO Box 20042 BN/94
B Al Jazeera Engineering Arch, Civil (Building only) 17717739 PO Box 32328 BN/98
B Manar Engineering Arch, Civil 17553778 PO Box 31112 BN/99
B Gharib Engineering Arch, Civil 17749049 PO Box 20020 BN/101
B Awtad Engineering & Surveying Office WLL Land Surveying Engineering 17676761 PO Box 13048 BN/204
B Rewaq for Architectural Engineering Arch, Civil 17595996 PO Box 54899 BN/107
B Nada Ahmadi Architects Arch, Civil 17242460 PO Box 11652 BN/109
B Jameel Khalfan Architects Arch, Civil 17779797 PO Box 38387 BN/114
B Global Engineering Co. SPC Arch, Civil 17311302 PO Box 15848 BN/115
C Delmon Engineering Arch 17440111 PO Box 40771 BN/179
C Sami Alaali Engineering (SAE) Arch, Civil 17600447 Flat 29, Bldg 183, Road 10 BN/176
C White Architecture & Design Arch Unit 30, Bldg 231, Riyadat Mall, Road 3206, Aali BN/199
C Al Hadi Engineering Arch, Civil 17779700 PO Box 37448 BN/103
C Brooj - Design & Engineering Co. W.L.L. Arch 17783979 Flat 23, Bldg 255D, R 1104, B 711 A Ali BN/206
C Line Design Engineering Arch Eng., Civil 17300911 PO Box 70119 BN/182
C Al Taweel Engineering Arch, Civil 17686222 PO Box 18504 BN/157
C Master One Architecture Arch Eng. 17260025 PO Box 75677 BN/183
C Benyan Engineering Arch 39909947 Building#1068, Road# 1527, Block# 215, Muharraq BN/222
C Rekaz Engineering Arch, Civil 17400533 Flat 79, Off 124, Road 2802, Block 428,Seef Area, BN/208
C Architype Architects Arch 17626680 PO Box 28167 BN/146
C Centrix Engineering Arch 17309070 Off 31, Bldg 457, Floor 3, R 1206, B 712, Salmabad BN/209
C Sultan Engineering Arch, Civil 77022100 PO Box 21787 BN/113
C Technology Engineering Arch, Civil, Elect 13114058 Building# 128; Office# 21; Road# 4005; Block# 240; Arad BN/184
C Neo Design Architecture & Interior Design Co. WLL Arch 17611250 PO Box 2369 BN/169
C Vision Gate Architect Arch Eng. 17556631 PO Box 18548 BN/190
C Alkhulood Engineering Arch Eng. 17723060 Flat 210, 2 Floor, Bldg 85, Ave 11, Tubli 711 BN/192
C Mardhi Architecture and Design Co. SPC Arch 77333336 PO Box 11564 BN/171
C Yousif Engineering Arch, Civil 17879706 PO Box 31597 BN/137
C One to One Architecture and Design Arch 17535121 PO Box 33776 BN/172
C FEKRA Design & Architecture Creative Studio Arch 17595333 PO Box 18276 BN/173
C Roma Engineering Arch, Civil 17431106 PO Box 837 BN/165
C Tasmeem Engineering Arch, Civil 17002172 PO Box 33130 BN/197
C Sketch Architects Arch, Civil 17300940 Ent 1702, Flat 21, R 85, B 505, Maqaba BN/200
C GeoDATA Engineering Land Surveying Engineering 17531181 PO Box 10304 BN/92
C Al Reem Engineering Design and Supervision Arch Flat 31, Bldg 937, Road 3620, Block 436 Al Seef BN/217
C Khalid Haggagy Engineering Arch 39185503 Office# 14; Building# 1279; Road# 4130; Block# 941; Riffa BN/195
C Alia Alzayani Architects S.P.C. Arch, Civil, Elect, Mech 17111800 P O Box 5918 BN/221
C My Spaces Designs Arch 77416666 Bldg 739, Flat 53, Floor 2, R 831, B 408, Snabis BN/202